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Weidner Grove Park

Pike Township

Weidner Grove Park was created by the Weidner Family to honor departed loved ones. The grove was donated to St. Paul's Church and was used for generations as the place for church picnics and fund raising events.

Pike, Oley, District / Preservation Coalition (POD/PC) when it was trying to save the water at the nearby Lobachsville Trout Hatchery, used the grove for its first successful fund raising event.

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Story by

Phoebe Hopkins.

The blister rust fungus can be seen in the cedar trees, above.


Charles Lauer, left, in blue, is the Chairman of the Pike Township Park Committee.

He lives near the park and checks it daily when he walks his dogs.

The park includes the field beyond the trees.


In November 2011, Pike Township purchased the Lobachsville Church Picnic Grove, an 8.5 acre parcel with two pavilions, two food service buildings and a band shell in a grove of trees, as well as an open field.

The park is located between Mill Road, a dead end road since the closing of the bridge over the Pine Creek located at its intersection with Long Lane, and Lobachsville Road. The park is being renovated to serve as a recreational facility with walking trails as well as a picnic facility for family and community events.

In a related project, the Township plans to build a footbridge over the Pine Creek at Mill Road and designate a three-tenths mile walking trail on the adjacent portion of Mill Road leading to the new township park. The trail would pass the historic grist mill to the left and a farm field on the right before reaching the picnic grove, where access could be gained to a walking trail to be laid out in the park itself. 

The township proposes that the footbridge would be approximately 50 feet in length and five feet wide. Supported by steel spans, it would be constructed either of wood or steel and would be ADA compliant.

A parking area for three or four vehicles would be installed between the far end of the bridge and

Long Lane.

The grist mill door.
A view from the bridge.
A Dogwood tree at the edge of the field.
A ticket kiosk in the grove.

The new walking bridge will offer an excellent site for educational programs about understanding the water resources of the Oley Hills. Pine Creek is the highest ranking EV tributary of the the Manatawny Creek which has the top water quality of all Schuylkill River tributaries. The former bridge was the site of stream measurements that contributed to the USGS water budget study for the Oley Resource Conservation Project. There stream measurements were taken after every rain by local volunteers. The trail by the grist mill (photograph on the Home Page) offers an opportunity for interpretation of the cultural history of the region. The mill is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and has recently been operated by water power. To further Natural Resource conservation and education, Pike Township will open its park to programs by local conservation partners such as, Pike Oley District Preservation Coalition and Pine Creek Valley Watershed Association,.


The Mill Road footbridge, now installed, is approximately 50 feet in length and five feet wide. Supported by steel spans, it is constructed  of steel that rusts only on the outer layer of atoms and needs no painting. The deck is wood. It is ADA compliant.

The bridge was constructed in a factory and then trucked in and installed on the prepared site in time for its dedication along with the park on August 17, 2013. Pike Township also celebrated its Bicentennial on that date in the newly dedicated Weidner Grove Park.

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