What is a Watershed?.


A watershed is the area of land where all the water that is under it or drains off of it goes to the same place.


This simple definition is provided by the US EPA on their website:



The EPA will also tell you that the six Exceptional Value streams of the Oley Hills and Valley are part of the larger Schuylkill Watershed.



The ridges defining the West Branch Perkiomen Creek Watershed can be seen on each side of

the National Center for Padre Pio near Bally, PA. 

This is the place where the creek leaves the Oley Hills. 


What is an Exceptional Value Watershed?

Exceptional Value is the highest designation for water quality that any stream or watershed can obtain in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


The Pine Creek Watershed from Herbein Road




 Sacony Creek Watershed from Carl's Hill Road



 View of Bieber Creek Watershed from Deysher Road.

The hills in the middle ground define the western side of the watershed. The eastern side is behind the photographer.



Trout Run Watershed from Wegmans Road





The divide between watersheds is not always a dramatic change in elevation. Sometimes it can be hidden on a gently sloped upland like the picture to the left.

The Pine Creek Watershed is a few paces to the right of the red Virginia Creeper vine. A few paces to the left lies the Oysterdale Watershed.

Photo by Jerry Fair


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