The Lennilea Farm Nursery

Lowell Seip

  The farm is located at 495 Conrad Road in Alburtis, PA 18011-2040. This is near the

historic village of Huffs Church.


Lowell Seip, his partner,Cindy Rock, his parents, Cindy and Robert Seip and his daughter Lydia are three generations of the same family that live and work on the farm..

After Halloween each year Lowell recycles the unsold pumpkins with a special event. It is the pumpkin roll. Family and friends are invited to roll pumpkins down the hill into a pasture. People ride a hay wagon to the top and then roll truck loads of pumpkins down and watch them bounce and shatter as they go. Later the cattle are allowed into the area and they happily eat the pumpkins.

The Pumpkin Roll

Lennilea Farm Nursery is a working farm. The Upper West Branch of the Perkiomen Creek flows through the property and the Seips take care to keep the creek clean. The grass fed beef cattle are fenced out of the creek and riparian buffer zones are maintained. Their biggest crop is hay. They grow the produce they sell at the farm stand and most of their nursery stock. The nursery is well known by local people who appreciate the unique gifts and plants that they have.

Lennilea Farm Nursery gift shop with a living green roof

Lennilea Farm Nursery field

Lennilea Farm Nursery Directory

Produce and firewood and grass fed beef, call Lowell          610  845  3443

Nursery stock, herbs, gifts and hay, call Robert and Cindy     610  845  2077

Lowell is standing near his cabbage field. The West Branch Perkiomen Creek is on the other side of the row of trees in the middle distance


The Lennilea Farm Nursery working family includes three generations: Cole Swackhamer, Robert Seip, Cindy Seip, Lowell Seip, Clay Swackhamer and Lydia Seip.

Lennilea Farm entrance backs up Jack Grebinger of Oley Hills Alive.