Blumenhof Farm is in the Pine Creek Watershed of the Oley Hills.

JJoe Lynch and Karl Steiner have added a beautiful high tech addition to the original farm house which includes geothermal heating and cooling and an array of solar collectors that provide electricity. The new part of the house is very much at home with the original house and respectful of local traditional architecture.    

The new part of the house isn't easily seen from the road.

An unnamed tributary of the Pine Creek runs through the property. This photograph was taken in the Fall.


Joe Lynch is standing holding Lucy.

Karl Steiner is sitting holding Jerry.


The solar array is located high on the hill above the house.

That location allows for maximum exposure to the sun.

The panels were installed by RMK Solar.

The President, the Business Development Manager of RMK Solar and the Prpject manager all live in the Oley Hills in Exceptional Value Watersheds.

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The excavation for the new construction revealed lots of durable and attractive South Mountain Gneiss. Joe turned this stone into beautiful dry laid stone retaining walls. Parts of some of the walls can be seen in this photograph.

This welcoming entrance structure links the old house with the new wing. Joe and Karl did most of the construction themselves. The craftsmanship is superb.


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 Joe and Karl found old slate slabs, some as big as area rugs, and will create a slate patio adjacent to the new living room.