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 Oley Hills Alive. 

Trout Run Watershed, West View


Trout Run Watershed, from the Top


Kindig's Mill, Pine Creek Valley 


Oley Hills Alive

This is a work in progress dedicated

to conserving the

Oley Hills and Valley

and the six Exceptional

Value Streams that

  flow through them. 

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To follow the chronicle of the restoration of the historic Exeter Meeting House, please click on the Exeter button.

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Oley Hills Alive

The Oley Hills are also part of a famous geological phenomenon called the Reading Prong.

The Prong is also known as the Radon Belt. Radon is the byproduct of the deterioration of uranium. An abandoned uranium mine can be found in the hills if one knows where to look.

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 The Oley Hills and Valley and the six Exceptional Value Streams that flow through them are part of the Schuylkill Highlands. This is an area of great historical, natural, recreational and economic importance. 
The Oley Hills and Valley are located in Berks County, Pennsylvania.
Berks County has more conserved land than any other county in the the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is our hope that all the other counties in the state and those in other states
will try to emulate the success of of Berks County.

Many people believe that the American Southwest has the most beautiful sunsets. The Oley Hills and Valley have sunsets like this one many evenings of the year. This one is seen from Shade's Hill.
Mount Penn can be seen across the valley. The city of Reading is just beyond The mountain.

We are happy to see such beautiful sunsets because they promise fine weather the following day.

Photograph by Jerry Fair